Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chapter 12


Deep in another dream
Thinking about you
Sailing through the city streets
Thinking about you
It's only been a little while
But I'm thinking about you
Can't hide another smile
I've been thinking about you

This road trip was going to be pure hell in my mind.  It was long and it was in Western Canada where winter was already rearing its ugly head.  Truthfully the first half of this season has been total torture.  We were not lucky to have a nice balanced schedule where we were home for a little and away for a little, instead, we have only played roughly 18 games at home this year and have logged over 5,000 miles of travel already.  The end of January couldn’t get here soon enough in my mind, we only had one away game in February and that was on the very last day of the month.

I was a complete wreck not being able to be home with Liv for more than 12 hours before I had to leave with the team to head to Calgary.  I knew Steve would take good care of her, but the protective side of me was running in full force.  So I did what any guy would do; I called my mom.

“How is Olivia?” she asked, already knowing what had happened because I had called her while Liv was still basically unconscious in her hospital bed.

“She’s good,” I said with a grimace, knowing that she wasn’t as good as she should be.  “She’s staying with Downie until I get home from our Western Canada tour.”

“Do you want me to fly down so that I can be there for her?” my mom asked.  I swear she could read my mind at anytime.  It used to piss me off when I was a teenager, debating if I should do something she might not approve of, but now it was 98% of the time a wonderful thing.

“You are coming down at the end of the month for Christmas…I couldn’t ask you to do that,” I said slowly.

“I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap, Steven Stamkos.  There is no reason why I can’t be down there with her this week, especially after watching you play in Calgary; I’m thinking you need a little peace of the mind.

I sighed and cursed myself once again for having such a terrible game.  “I’ll order the ticket now,” I said quietly into the phone.

“Just text me the time I need to be at the airport and tell Steve I’ll call him when I get into town so that he can pick me up.”


“Get your head out of your ass and play like I know you can,” my mom said in her ‘mom knows best voice.’”

“Mom, I love you.”

“Love you too, kiddo.”

I was actually able to sleep a little better that night; it probably could have just been for the fact that I was exhausted from not having slept or just the stress I was feeling from worrying about Olivia.  The next morning I found a text on my phone from Olivia.

Liv: Your mom and sister are here.  You are amazing.

Steven: Don’t let them fill your head with non-sense about me.

Liv: Too late.

Steven: I’m glad you aren’t mad at me.

Liv: I am glad you are obviously thinking of me.

Steven: Always.

Liv: I am in your bed.

Steven: Damn, I wish I was there.

Liv: I will be waiting for you here when you return. Your smell on the pillow is making me homesick for you.

Steven: God, I miss you. There are so many things I want to do to you in that bed, but I’m afraid I would hurt you.

Liv: You would never hurt me.

Steven: I love you.

Liv: Ich liebe dich.

The one thing I had found was that I was always so tired.  I likened that to the copious amount of pain medications I was still taking.  I was already cutting back as much as possible, but at night I needed them to sleep.  Steve and I joked that we could do a lunch trade swap with all the lovely drugs we were on to see what would make us the most loopy.

Monday evening was topped with talking to Eric.  He was very sad that I wouldn’t be at his home for at least a week, but together we planned out the day we were going to go to Epcot for lunch and the day we were going to head over to Magic Kingdom to get our pictures taken in front of the castle.

As fun and entertaining as it was to hang out with Steve, I was still in need of some girl time.  After-all, I had been through a lot and needed to talk to a woman.  My prayers were answered when Heather, Karine and Caroline came over Tuesday afternoon while Steve was at the training center working out.  At first it was a little awkward because I felt like they pitied me.

“So, how are you doing?” Caroline asked worriedly as she leaned down and gave me a hug while I was sitting on the couch.

I just shrugged and said, “I am okay.  My body ist beginning to heal.”

“How is your heart though?” Karine asked.

I sighed, “It hurts, a lot,” I admitted.  “Even though he did what he did, he ist still someone I have cared about for a long time.”

The three of them nodded like their heads were on bobble sticks and their eyes were wide open.

“Don not pity me,” I said firmly.  “I just need to be around people who are not going to bring up the past.  I think I have a lot to talk about when it comes to my future.”

I looked at Heather who just smiled and nodded as she pulled out a folder from the bag she brought along.  “I was hoping you would say that!”

At that she showed me all the paperwork that I needed to fill out to start the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.  “We’ve got a lot of paper work to fill out,” she said as she nodded to Karine who got up and walked over to the kitchen to put a pot of hot water on for tea and we got down to business.

Later on that evening I must have fallen asleep during the game against Calgary because the next thing I knew I woke up in Steve’s arms as he carried me back to his guest room.

“You shouldn’t be carrying me,” I mumbled half asleep.  “I am going to be in trouble if you end up off the ice longer because you are carrying me around.”

“You are the weight of a feather.  I think I can handle carrying you, Olivia,” he said quietly.  “To tell you the truth, I don’t know how Stammer doesn’t break you in bed.”

This caused me to blush as he set me down on the fluffy mattress.  “You have such a subtle way with words, Steve.”

He puffed out his chest and smiled broadly, making me giggle when I noticed he didn’t have his fake tooth in.  “The chicks dig it.”

“I’m sure they do,” I laughed before I threw a pillow at his head.  “Gute Nacht, Steve!”

“Gute Nacht, Olivia,” he chirped as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him, causing the darkness of the night to encompass me.

I slept fitfully, waking up often to the sound of me yelling.  Twice, Steve came in and held me until I would fall asleep again.  After the second time he just stayed with me and I woke up with my head on his chest and his arm draped across my back as he snored lightly.

I was still getting a hold on my surroundings when his cell phone began vibrating across the bedside table.  He jumped, but suddenly seemed to remember that I was still in his arms, causing him to abruptly slow his movements to not bother me as he answered his phone.

“Hello?” he whispered into the phone.

I heard a woman on the other end, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying.

“Are you here in Tampa now?” he asked, sounding slightly surprised.  “Okay, I’ll be there to pick you up in about 20 minutes.  See you then, Lesley.”  After he laid the phone down he rubbed my back and I rolled my head back onto my pillow.  “Ah, so you are awake?”

I smiled shyly and nodded.  “I’m sorry that you had to stay with me last night.”

“No problem, I got more sleep being in here with you than I would have if you were alone.  I’m glad Lesley and Sarah are here…”

I looked at him confused.  “Lesley and Sarah? Steven’s mom and sister?”


“They are here?!” I asked, sitting up abruptly, regretting it as soon as I did because I was still feeling the effects of my concussion.

“Don’t get yourself all worked up.  Yes, they are here,” he said getting out of bed and stretching towards the sky.  “Stammer told me they were coming.  He figured you would want some lady company.”

“Oh,” I mouthed.

“Would you like to come along?  You can just stay in the Range Rover, my windows are dark tinted.”

I bit my lip and thought about it for a moment, “Um, I think I would rather get a shower so I feel a little more presentable and meet them when they get here.”

“Okay, suit yourself,” he chirped and out of my room he went.

Steven and Sarah could not deny that they were siblings.  Sarah was tall and lean, like her brother.  She had thin, long beautiful white, blonde hair like Steven and blue eyes to match.  Her smile was contagious, something they both seemed to have gotten from their mother, Lesley.

With the help of Steve, we moved my things over to Steven’s condo and made lunch.

“It is so wonderful to finally meet you, Olivia,” Lesley pulled me into a hug before we sat down to eat.  “Steven is so in love with you,” she said in a matter of fact tone that also told me she approved.  “He needs a good woman to stand by him.”

“Hey, what about me?!” Downie chirped as he took a sip of his drink.

“He does have a point,” Sarah giggled.  “You do have the personality of a moody woman, Downie…”

“Shut-it, Sarah,” Steve shot back at her.  I noticed immediately that there was definitely more going on between them than what met the eye.  But I figured it hadn’t gone too far because of the age difference between the two of them (5 years) and the main factor was that she was Steven’s little sister.

After lunch, Steve went back to his place and we began talking about the serious stuff.  Lesley did not beat around the bush when it came to talking about what had happened with Andreas.  It was so hard to recall the memories, causing me to cry our in anger more than once.  However, once I spoke through the whole ordeal I felt a ton better.

We then talked about Steven.  Lesley and Sarah had no problem dishing out the dirt on him and she even brought something along to share with me.

“I figured you might want to see some pictures of him growing up,” Lesley laughed as she came over and sat down next to me on the couch.  She set the large photo album on my lap and the rest of the evening was spent laughing or cooing on and on about how cute he was.

I finally broke my scoring drought in Edmonton; unfortunately we lost in a shootout.  In Vancouver we turned it around and I had a huge multi-point night.  It was great to salvage the away trip with a big win against a good team like the Canucks.  The flight back home took forever and we got home around 6am EST.  We were all a little shocked by the cold temperatures when we got off the plane and I found myself shivering the whole ride home to the complex.  However, I think I was more excited to see Liv than I was cold.

The place was quiet when I got inside and I made sure to keep it that way.  I tip-toed into my room, locking the door behind me as I shucked off my suit and closed the blinds so that I could bid the day time to come later.  Before moving the blankets, I stopped and looked at Liv as she slept.  She actually had a peaceful look on her face and I couldn’t help but smile at this finding.  Steve had told me that he ended up sleeping with her the other night because she was having such fitful sleep.  I was slightly jealous that he was the one to hold her, but I couldn’t thank my best friend enough for being there for her.

I gently lifted up the sheet and comforter and slid underneath them, pulling myself against her.  She automatically curled into me, allowing me to easily spoon with her and within minutes of smelling her sweet hair and skin, I was fast asleep.  I could get used to coming home to her like this.  This is what I want for Christmas.

I awoke some time later to her laying on top of the comforter, with her chin in her hands just staring at me with a silly grin on her face.  Her purple cast and was a grim reminder that not everything was happy.

“Guten Morgen, Steven.”

“Mmm, Guten Morgen Liv,” I stretched before pulling her up towards me so that I could kiss her.  Her face was healing surprisingly fast.  The bruises around her eyes were diminishing up and most of the swelling had gone away.  “What time is it?”


“Shit.  I didn’t plan on sleeping that long,” I mumbled as I kissed her face again.

“You needed the sleep.  You were totally out,” she said as she ran her hand through my hair.

“I need you,” I whispered, causing her to blush.

“I need you too,” she whispered back, looking into my eyes.

I gently lifted her on top of me, so that our lengths were pressed together and I could feel the warmth of her body through the comforter.  I wrapped my arms around her and slowly began kissing her.  The initial kisses were light and gentle but that quickly changed when she began nipping at my lips for entrance.  I opened slightly and soon our tongues were wrestling and drinking from one another.  I groaned when she left out a sigh into my mouth and laced her fingers through my hair.

I felt her begin to move, pressing her hips down against mine, allowing her to feel that I was becoming very turned on.  She always turned me on, even with the smallest of kisses.

I pulled back from one of her kisses and croaked, “Why are you on top of the blankets?”

She just giggled, rolled off of me and stripped out of my old t-shirt and a pair of her yoga pants.  I tried not to focus on the bruises that still showed, but it was so hard not to when they were on her skin like a declaration of the war she was fighting in.

“Stop looking at them and look into my eyes, Steven,” she whispered as she lifted back the comforter and crawled towards me.  “They will fade soon enough, right now I just need you to make love to me.”

I gulped as she slid her body back over top of me, allowing me to feel her soft, smooth skin against mine.  “Is my mom and sister around?”

She just giggled softly as she ran her tongue along the outline of my ear, making me shiver.  “They are out doing some Christmas shopping.  I am getting the feeling that maybe you do not want me?” she pouted.

My hands flew up and locked her hips against mine as she attempted to slide off of me.  “I am sorry that you have gotten that idea because I definitely have ideas of my own that involved me being inside of you,” I growled huskily into her ear, returning the shiver favor to her.  “I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“I trust you.  I will let you know if something hurts.”

So began the experiment.

A wicked, yet loving smile caressed his beautiful blue eyes as he began lightly running his big hands up and down my skin, beginning at my ass and tracing a line up to my shoulder blades.  I felt the goosebumps instantly pop up as he breathed lightly into my ear while he did this several times.

“How does that feel?” he whispered, causing me to shake my head from how it tickled me.

“You are tickling me.”

“Well then I guess I need to change my approach,” he humored.  He gently rolled me off of him and onto my back, creating a shelter with the blankets when he straddled himself over top of me.  I couldn’t help but cry out as he laid kisses down my neck and down to my collar bone.  I was intoxicated by his touch and the smell of his skin so close to mine.

“Steeeeveeennn,” I moaned when his lips found my hardened nipples.  He took one in his mouth and rolled it with his tongue and teeth for an extended time before switching to the other one, allowing it the same attention.  He then began his trek farther south with his lips and tongue.

“How does this feel?” he breathed against my skin, making me squirm.

“You are teasing me.”

“I’m just making sure I don’t hurt you,” he exclaimed as he looked up at me with wide puppy eyes.  “Honestly.”

“Liar,” I began to pout but instead a sigh was forced as he quickly moved down between my sensitive thighs.  “Okay, so you are a good liar,” I hissed through my teeth as my fingers latched into his hair, coaxing him to make good of his promises.

He teased me further by just blowing air lightly over my wet folds, he continued after looking up with his big beautiful eyes to find me more than amped up and ready for him.  I cried out his name again when his tongue finally tasted me and he hummed in pleasure.  “Mmm, I have missed the taste of you,” he murmured so softly that I almost did not hear him.  I was so focused on the light of the end of the tunnel that was quickly coming closer.  To bring me to the light he took my pearl in his mouth and sucked hard as he traced it with the tip of his tongue.  I screamed as my body quaked from the orgasm he had given me.

I was lying lifeless on the bed when he came up for air, chuckling at me.  “Well I now know not to do that to you if we have guests in the house.”

“It was your entire fault,” I playfully complained.

“I hope the next one is my fault too,” he drew out as he positioned himself between my legs again, this time slipping his hardened length inside of me.  He felt like home, not like the invasion of my last sexual encounter.  This felt right, this felt amazing, this was how it was supposed to feel like with the man I loved and wanted to marry.

He was slow and gentle, obviously afraid of hurting me, forcing me to grind down against him every time he pushed into me so that I could feel the friction I enjoyed when he was inside of me.  He finally got the hint and began stroking my core with more force.  “Pllllleeeeassseee,” I cried out.  “Fuck me, Steven.  I want to cum with you.”

He left out a grunt as he pushed fully into me, his balls slapping my skin as he did with sweat beads beginning to form on his face from his exertion.  I held him down against me so that he was close enough to kiss me when we weren’t panting for air.  He hit first, filling me with his warm fluid and putting me over the edge milliseconds after him.

We both came down from our highs by just lying still connected to each other.  I realized at this moment that I was never meant to be anywhere else besides here in his arms.  He was my present and future and there was nothing else in this life I could ever want more than him.

“You know now that I have you living here at my place, I’m never letting you move out?” I informed her as we still lay in bed.  I was lazily running my fingers through her soft hair, allowing them to trail down her smooth back.  It was relaxing for both of us it seemed.

“Oh, really?” she mused as she lifted up her head, holding it up with her hand cupped around her chin.


“But what if I do not want to live here with you?” she said, obviously trying to hide her smile.

“You are a terrible liar.”

She huffed and rolled her eyes, “I know, I am not as gut as you.”

We laid there kissing for a few more moments until I finally made us both get out of bed and hit the shower.  We had a lot to talk and unfortunately it had to do with Andreas.

“They left him go?” I freaked.

“I didn’t press charges, so they didn’t have anything to hold him on,” Liv said evenly as I looked incredulously at her.

“Why wouldn’t you press charges?!” I freaked.

“Because if she pressed charges she would have had to go back over to Germany to have him tried and then who knows if she’d be able to come back over,” my mom interjected, trying to calm me down.

“Plus, it ist very expensive for me to fight something that in the end will not do much to him.  Our laws are not as strict about rape over there,” Liv pleaded.

“So he gets to go home without any punishment?!”

“He won’t be allowed back into the States,” Liv informed me quietly.  “He has lost his traveling privileges to here.”

“So where does that leave you?  Have you talked to your family?”

She sighed and attempted not to cry, but unfortunately she couldn’t hold the tears back.  “Yes.  They are threatening to have my VISA revoked if I do not voluntarily come back home.”

“Do they know what he did to you?!” I freaked out once again.

She just nodded her head.

I ran my fingers through my hair and took a deep breath.  “I want to talk to them.”

“I don’t think that will help anything.”

“I don’t care.  I want to talk to them,” I said stubbornly as I held out my hand for her to give me her cell phone.  “I won’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t try and talk to them.”


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    I have to say that I loved this chapter. Steven is such a cutie and I absolutely love that he's calling mom and stuff like that.

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