Monday, August 1, 2011

Chapter 14 - The End!

Well... we quickly come to a close with our story! I really appreciate all your comments and I hope you enjoyed it!! This is definitely one of my faves!!  I will most likely be posting another one of my back-stocked stories, so stayed tuned, but in the mean time if you aren't reading then you better check it out! We're just starting out, so you haven't missed too much!! :o) Cheers!!

Ch. 14

Olivia started her new job as Eric’s home-care nurse on Tuesday, the 14th.  Most of her bruises had faded to the point that she could just add a little make-up and you wouldn’t notice them.  They were both excited to have each other for company. 

Mom and Sarah headed back home, but with promises for being back in several days for Christmas, along with my dad.  It ended up being a nice week home with Liv.  I had a game on Wednesday that she attended, sitting with Heather and some of the other WAG’s.  She announced to the women that she would be staying in the States for good and of course they were all excited and began signing her up for all kinds of events.  I was glad that she would have another support system when I was away on the road for games.

On Thursday after practice, we headed over to her apartment with Downie in tow so that we could get her apartment cleaned up and move the rest of her things into my place.  She didn’t have a lot of things, so it only took one trip, for which I was thankful.  I could tell she was not comfortable being back in her apartment.  Every little sound seemed to make sure jump and she was literally shaking when we first stepped foot into the place. 

Thursday night was the team Christmas party at a club in downtown Tampa.

“Holy shit,” I breathed when she came walking into the bathroom to finish her make-up.

She blushed as she looked up at me in the mirror and asked innocently, “What?”

“That dress makes you look like you have legs that go on forever,” I drooled, sliding behind her and running my hand up her smooth leg.  It was a silver sequined dress that reminded me of a go-go dancer outfit, yet classy.  This was a fun, team party, so she wouldn’t look out of place with it.  “When did you get this?”

She giggled at my reaction and said, “The girls helped me pick it out on Black Friday; I figured this would be a good event to wear it to.  I think the silver sequins make it festive.”

“And make you look like a million bucks,” I said as I pressed my lips to her neck after I brushed her tousled hair away from it.

“Do you think the half curled hair looks okay?” she asked sincerely looking for an opinion.

“It makes you look like we were just having sex all day.”

“Sheisse, is that bad?”

“Nein.  Sex ist gut,” I growled.  I ran my other hand up her thigh and over towards her cleft, finding a thin pair of panties.

“You are a dirty minded boy,” she scolded, as she took a step, but only to part her legs farther apart to coax me on in touching her.  I just smiled while I moved my fingers higher, hooking one around the string holding the material together and slid them down until they just fell down, resting on her ankles that were strapped into a pair of silver stilettos.  She teasingly pushed her ass back, rubbing it against my hardening cock; I was still only in my boxers so she easily felt me becoming turned on.

“You’re just as evil,” I growled into her ear as I pushed off my boxers and lifted her dress.  I backed her up against me and placed my hand on her back so that she would bend down and lean on the counter.  I pushed a finger up into her, finding her already wet and to the satisfaction of both of us, I slowly entered her warm depths with my length.  I enjoyed watching her facial expressions in the mirror as I fucked her uninhibitedly; something about it was a huge turn-on.  It was raw and to the point, knowing we both had a time schedule to be following yet I wanted her too bad to just walk out the door and hope for the best later.

Between the fast, hard pace and how damn good she felt in this position, I soon emptied myself into her as she cried out my name while looking at me thru sex hazed eyes.  After helping her clean-up and kissing her deeply to thank her for the unscheduled session, I walked out of the bathroom, smiling at her flushed skin and glowing smile that I had obviously caused.

“Are you seriously going to wear that suit?!” I squeaked when he walked by the open bathroom door as I was fixing my makeup after the impromptu session.

He stopped and walked backwards until he was by the doorway again.  “What is wrong with this suit?!” he practically whined.  “Why does everyone have a problem with this suit?!”

The suit in question was a silver, almost shimmery suit that completely washed out his features.  I give him props for trying to be fashion forward, but it did absolutely nothing for his pale skin and light blonde hair.  The only thing that did do something for his features was the bright blue tie, which made his eyes shimmer like the suit.

I sighed as I walked over and took his hands as he pouted.  “For one, I already have enough silver on for the both of us.  Second, I think this material completely washes you out.”

“So what should I wear Miss Fashion police?” he chirped, seeming slightly annoyed that he didn’t pick out the best suit the first time.

“The black one,” I blurted out as I led him down the hall to the closet.  “I love the black one with the black skinny tie.  I saw a picture of you in it on the internet and I think I stared at it for an hour or two when I was working and not having anything better to do.”  He chuckled at the declaration and began undressing as I dug through the closet and found it hanging.  “Here it is!” I exclaimed only to turn around and find him back in just his boxers again.  I stopped and stared, taking in the sight of his beautiful body.  He had gotten used to my reaction over the last couple days, yet he still would blush as he would shoo me away.

“Go, finish getting ready before we end up being late because of the way you are looking at me with those hungry eyes.  We should really be okay without having sex twice before heading out.”


“Liv,” he growled in a playful, warning tone.

“Ja,” I said, as I leaned in to quickly kiss him before turning around to sashay out of the room.  I laughed when I heard him groan; knowing that my exaggerated walk had caught his attention.

“Holy Fuck!” Downie gawked as we walked into the party, only a few minutes late due to the fact that I couldn’t help but run and catch her down the hall after she walked away from me like a complete tease.  “You two look like a million bucks!!!” he exclaimed, taking Liv’s hand and dramatically kissing it.

“Danke,” Liv blushed.

It felt so natural to have her by my side for the evening.  It was actually our first team function together, and I didn’t realize how much more comfortable it made me feel to have a woman with me.  Downie and I went stag to most of the functions.  I did it because I didn’t need the WAG’s getting the wrong ideas if I brought a date.  This time I didn’t care if they made assumptions, Liv was mine.

She had been out on the dance floor with Heather and Karine for a while, shaking her beautiful little body to the beats the DJ was playing.  I just stood with Marty, Gags, and Downie, watching them laugh and have fun.  When the slow song came on, I just moved across the dance floor to capture her.

“Steven!” she gasped happily as she wrapped her arms around me.

“Olivia!” I mocked her as I kissed her lips.  “May I have this dance?”

“Mmm, you may,” she cooed. We moved in close, not leaving a centimeter of light between us.

“Are you having fun?”

“I needed this,” she answered honestly.  “I still can’t believe that only a few weeks ago we were total strangers, and now…”

“Now here we are,” I finished for her as I kissed her forehead.

A Year Later…Christmas Eve.

“Liv, do you have everything packed yet?!” Steven yelled from the living room of our condo.


“Our flight leaves in a little over an hour and we need to get there a little earlier because of the crazy holiday travelers,” he practically whined.

I walked down the hall with my over sized suitcase dragging behind me, stopping in front of a photo of the Magic Kingdom Castle.  The picture had been taken on New Years of last year when a group of us, including Eric, went and spent the day at Epcot and Magic Kingdom.  The weeks before Christmas had been too cold for us to go any earlier, but it finally warmed up enough on the 31st of December.  It was a day I will never forget.  Eric and I had our picture taken together in front of the castle first and then the next picture taken was of Steven officially proposing to me.  When I gave him a look to remind him what we had talked only a few weeks prior, he spouted off about how it didn’t matter if we got engaged so early because his feelings were not going to change.  I stood there for a moment to let the thoughts sink in and realized he was completely correct.  Of course I didn’t think we’d start planning a wedding for a while, but that too took me by surprise because a few weeks later I began planning our wedding that occurred this past July in his hometown.  Looking at the next photo, I still couldn’t believe that I was now Olivia Stamkos, Canadian citizen and wife of NHL top scorer, Steven Stamkos.

Eric walked me down the aisle that beautiful day, two weeks later his soul left the earth and we were devastated.  Of course I knew it was coming and actually we expected it a lot sooner, but Eric was one tough kid, sticking it out until after our wedding.

“I promise to be there for your wedding, Olivia.  Besides, it’s all because of me that you two found each other,” Eric said brightly one day while we sat outside on the swing-set behind his house.

“Ja, you definitely can take the credit for it; you and Diggity,” I said as I mussed his hair.  Every now and then I swear I could still hear his laughter when the boys did something funny.

“This will be the first time we are home since the wedding,” Steven lamented, wrapping his arm around me to pull me into his side.

“I’m excited about going home,” I said with a smile, even though the tears had joined them as my thoughts of Eric were still fresh in my mind.

“I’m happy to know you consider it home,” Steven said before he pulled me into a deep kiss.  He still put my heart on alert and I still got butterflies everytime he walked into the room.  “I just can’t wait til our little guy comes into the world to be apart of our family holidays,” he whispered as he rubbed his hand of my swelling belly.

We found out I was pregnant just a few days after Eric’s funeral.  Last week we found out that we were having a boy; of course we already knew that we were going to name him Eric.  I just hoped he was the spitting image of his father.

We were back to kissing when there was pounding on the door.  “Dude!  We are going to be late and my mother will kiiiiillll me if I miss my flight!” Downie yelled when I opened the door with my suitcase in hand.

He leaned in, kissed my cheek, rubbed my belly and then went back to yelling.  “Jesus Stammer!  I thought you were a gentleman but no, here is your prego wife pulling around her own heavy luggage!” he complained as he took the not so heavy suitcase out of my hands, wheeling it over to his Range Rover.

“She complains that I don’t let her do enough around the house,” Steven defended.  Which, he was completely correct, I hated the fact that everyone treated me like I was going to break; I just attributed my stubbornness to my German roots.

“So what!?” Downie shot back before twirling around and putting a finger in my face.  “You are carrying my Godchild, so I would appreciate if you just let us pamper you for the next 9 months so nothing happens to him.  Okay?!”

I huffed and nodded my head.

“Thank you and I’m sorry for yelling at you, I just am amped up to get home,” he spouted.

“You are just amped up to see Sarah,” I joked back, knowing that Steven was within ear shot.  He was still not overly happy with Diggity dating his little sister, but I did a lot to smooth things over since he caught them making out behind the bushes during our wedding reception.

Downie just shot me a look and said, “Soooo Stammer, I think your wife has called shotgun…”

“I’m calling for a shotgun for your head, but since its Christmas and we’re all supposed to be happy, I will wait until the New Year to go out and purchase one,” Steven growled and he helped me into the passenger seat.

Once I was in, I grabbed his cheeks and kissed his lips.  “Now, now,” I cooed.

“Don’t try and schmooze me with your kisses,” he grumbled with a sparkle in his eye.

“I am not trying to schmooze you,” I giggled.  “I am just kissing you because we are under the mistletoe together,” I said, nodding my head for him to look up above us.  Hanging from the visor of Downie’s SUV was a sprig of mistletoe.

An easy smile crossed over Steven’s lips as he leaned back in and kissed me deeply.

“Come on!” Downie whined.  “I did not put that in the car for you two to make out under…”

Steven pulled back and chirped, “No, you put it in there for when my sister comes back with us to stay for a week or two before she goes back to college!  I know your sneaky ways and I’m going to make you pay by making you watch me make out with my wife.”

Steve slammed his door and bounced up and down in the front seat as he covered his eyes and complained, “I don’t need to see this shiiiiiiit!”

Steven and I just laughed before kissing once more.

“Time to go,” I whispered with Downie was still grumbling loudly.

“But I love using mistletoe as an excuse to kiss you,” Steven whispered back.

“You do not need mistletoe for an excuse, silly boy,” I said as I pinched his cheek.  “Santa has allowed you to keep me forever.”

His cute, easy smile brightened as he said, “Yeah, and it’s definitely the best Christmas gift I’ve ever been given.”